Festival Blues sur Seine

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  • About Blues sur Seine

    Since 1999, to the west of Paris, the Seine takes on an air of the Mississippi. For 16 days, several venues around Mantes-la-Jolie open their doors to renowned musicians and the up and coming talents of this style of music, a good deal more diverse than it might seem. More than 70 groups and musicians on the stages to the west of Paris bear witness to the eternal renaissance of the Blues, showing us that this genre has more and more offspring. Each year in November, an entire region lives to the beat of the Blues sur Seine Festival. At the heart of Mantes in Yvelines and of the Val de Seine (...

  • Artistic area

    With the subtitle "Spirit and Colours of the Blues", the Festival produces a wide program based on blues, african blues, rock blues, rhythm blues, gospel, or folk, including French artists who have got the spirit and feeling of the blues, with more than 260 musicians coming from all over ...

  • Social area

    Under the title of "Meetings for everybody", concerts and other activities related to the blues are done in homeless shelters, for ex-alcoholics, illiterate women, children with mental illness, nursing homes, physical rehabilitation centres, children in care of local administration due to ...

  • Educational and School Area

    Under the title of "Importance of music practice, performing arts and musical genres discovery", various activities take place in primary and secondary school before and during the Festival. Primary school activities include an introduction harmonica playing and singing for more tha...

  • The Mississippi Corporate Club

    The Mississippi Club is the name of the Blues sur Seine Festival corporate club. It brings together a wide range of business leaders of the west area of Paris and local authorities with cultural, social and educational values. Founded in 1999 in order to federate local industry around a project wit...